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Meet Leesa

Coach | Hypnotherapist | Breathwork Practitioner

"Your present life is a manifestation of your thoughts & actions from your past. Today's thoughts and behaviours are creating your future."  - Leesa

Are you ready to Consciously create your future?

I am deeply passionate about helping individuals establish a profound connection with themselves to create the life they truly desire. My style integrates both intellect and heart, providing a holistic approach to personal growth and transformation.

My own journey was sparked by a challenging time in my life when I encountered a roadblock that left me feeling overwhelmed, unsure and confused. Faced with a difficult decision, I had to choose between staying in a career that provided financial security but lacked fulfillment, autonomy, and opportunities for growth, OR taking a leap of faith into the unknown.

During this period, I was in the midst of completing a dual coaching certification as part of my own pursuit of personal growth and guidance. The techniques I developed were incredibly effective and soon, friends and family began seeking my help with their own challenges. Their positive feedback and encouragement motivated me to embrace coaching as a full-time career, and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of my clients.

I am a former officer of the Canadian Navy, having served on the West Coast. Over the past decade, I have immersed myself in civilian careers within the marine industry, starting as the Weapon's Zone Project Assistant on the VISCC (submarine refit) in Esquimalt, and most recently served as a Senior Planner for Canada's leading defence company, where I contributed to the planning of ship builds for the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Navy.

In 2002, I discovered my energetic and spiritual aspect through participation in a group energy healing experience. This led me to delve into energy healing further, and in 2019, I became a certified Reiki Master. Seeking to expand my devotion, I embarked on an intensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Bali, where my mind and heart were opened to new possibilities beyond my daily routine.

Through self-awareness practices and deep reflection, I came to realize that I had created a life that was not fully aligned with my authentic self and my aspirations. I had been driven by external expectations and unconscious beliefs, which kept me from fully expressing my truth. With the events of the Covid pandemic in 2020, I saw an opportunity for change and took the brave step of leaving an unhealthy relationship and eventually a well-paying, but unfulfilling, job. I sold my possessions and have consciously chosen the life I now live. One that is in alignment with my values and purpose.

Since then, I have embarked on a journey of self-awareness, transforming my thoughts, opening my heart, and aligning my behaviours with my true self. While the path has not always been easy, I am grateful for the experiences that have brought me to this moment, where I can live fully in my purpose and dedicate my life to the daily practice of authentic self-expression.

I am humbled by the opportunity to share my personal and spiritual learnings, as well as what I've learned through a variety of diverse certifications, military skills, and experience in shipbuilding and planning, to support others in their journey towards self-love, heart and mind coherence, and realizing their full potential.


It is my sincere belief that everyone has a purpose and the ability to create a meaningful and fulfilling life, and I am honoured to be able to guide and inspire others as they pursue their biggest dreams.

*Leesa is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner, holding certifications in various modalities including Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Holistic Health Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Spirituality Coaching, and Business Coaching. She is deeply passionate about the unique aspects that each specialty offers, and is committed to ongoing self-improvement through regular meditation, continuous learning, and immersing herself in teachings such as A Course in Miracles, Gene Keys, Human Design, and other spiritual practices. Leesa's dedication to her own spiritual growth enriches her ability to guide and support her clients on their own unique paths towards self-discovery and transformation. 


If you would like to work with Leesa, click the link below for a FREE Initial Consultation.

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